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Our Philosophy


palawa kipli

What does Palawa Kipli mean? palawa means Tasmanian Aborigine, kipli means food in palawa kani the Tasmanian Aboriginal language.


At Palawa Kipli we want to share our history and bring people together to enjoy our modern take on our traditional foods.

Palawa kipli is first and foremost a native food business. We are operated by Aboriginal people, on Aboriginal land and are committed to the reconnection of our people to traditional food practices. We hope to contribute to cultural continuation and revival through community engagement with traditional food sources and cultural landscapes.

By supporting and buying off from Palawa kipli, you are helping to ensure the employment of Tasmanian Aboriginal people in work that which enables allows us to continue our culturally centred food and land management practices.

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back to the origins

For a sustainable future

Aboriginal people are the oldest living civilisation in the world, who have thrived as a community since time began. We are the traditional owners of the land and the ongoing custodians.

This meant that we protected our land, we would take only take what was needed without compromising the resources for future generations.

This inspired us to aim to be 100% sustainable.


from lutruwita

At Palawa Kipli we hope that Tasmanian Aboriginal food is more acknowledged, that it is the original food resources of the land Lutruwita/Tasmania.

We hope that by sharing our food with you, people are more aware of how sustainable the future can be. By learning about our history and culture, it will enable you to be apart of the movement to creating a better environment for the future and will continue to strengthen the existence of the Tasmanian Aboriginal community.


hungry for culture?

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