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palawa means Tasmanian Aborigine, kipli means food in palawa kani (Tasmanian Aboriginal language). At palawa kipli we go back to our origins for a more sustainable future. 




Although we have been here forever, Aboriginal Australians are the oldest living civilisation in the world, we have evidence dating back as long as 65,000.

palawa people in Tasmania, have evidence dating back as long 45,000years. We even survived an ice age.

Custodians of the land

palawa are spiritually and culturally connected to the land.  We believe that we are here for the soul purpose to protect the land. 


Tasmania has a
BLACK history

Aboriginal people survived some of the worst atrocities committed to humans in the Worlds history. There was a time when the Tasmanian Government declared Tasmanian Aborigines dead.  These atrocities have resulted in the loss of our land, some of our languages, cultural practices, rituals and stories. 


palawa food


We were hunters and gatherers of our land. A lot of traditional food are herbs and spices grown in the bush.  We were also known to eat native animals, such as wallaby, mutton bird, possum, emu,  and a variety of fish. 

We harvested the most from our land and the resources available to us. This included some nations eating insects, such as crickets, ants and more.  Insects are eaten by 2 billion people world wide and are the sustainable protein of the future.


our vision

To go back to our palawa origins, to live and provide delicious sustainable Aboriginal inspired food to the masses. The food will inspire thought on the traditional and modern ways of living sustainably and ultimately make the world a better place. 

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